North Shore Challenge

Hydro One Electricity Discovery Centre

All Weekend Long

Hydro One's Electricity Discovery Centre (EDC) is an approximately 1,000 square-foot, climate-controlled, fully accessible, double-expandable event trailer that contains thought-provoking and interactive exhibits designed to engage and educate visitors about our company, help customers manage costs, and learn about grid modernization and electrical safety.

The EDC will travel across Hydro One’s service territory and attend community events, retail locations and schools and will be the focal point for Hydro One’s consumer education and engagement activities.

The Electricity Discovery Centre features interactive exhibits and multi-media displays for visitors to:

  • Learn about how Ontario’s power system operates today
  • Discover how the system is changing and how investments for the future will benefit consumers and communities
  • Understand Hydro One’s role in transmitting and distributing electricity in their communities
  • Find new ways to manage electricity use and costs and help the environment
  • Engage children while they discover how to stay safe from electrical hazards in the Centre’s Kids’ Electricity Safety Team Headquarters.