North Shore Challenge


Can I bring my pet?

No pets are allowed at the event.

How many vehicles can I bring in to the event if I am racing?

Other than Street Class, you can have 1 pit vehicle. You MUST HAVE A STICKER and wristbands must be purchased.

What does my entry for King of Street include?

King of Street includes a weekend pass for the driver - 1 tent or towed trailer only (towed by the race vehicle, no second vehicle allowed).

Can anyone camp in the pit area?

No. Only drivers and crew are permitted to camp in the pits.

Is there a "Quiet Hours" restriction?

Yes. Quiet hours start at 11:00 PM and this is STRICTLY ENFORCED.

Do you accept cheques?

No we do not accept cheques.

Is there an ATM on site?

Yes, this year we will have an ATM on site.